Stress Less

The idea was a simple one, SMHA wanted to help students manage, reduce, and learn about Stress!  #UOStressLess was created by UO S.M.H.A Operations chair Sara Van during the fall 0f 2012, and  #UO Stress Less has been evolving and changing ever since! Today it brings collaborators from across the University both departments and student groups to better serve the UO community during Dead Week.



The primary sponsors of #UOStressLess:

Student Mental Health Advocates, The University Counseling and Testing Center, International Student Association, University Health Center, University Libraries, ASUO, NAMI On campus, UO Student Recreation Center, EMU Programs, and JSMA, Student Activities Board.


We are here to provide stress management resources and activities to students while they are studying for final exams. Our approach is to reach students where they are, by offering brief opportunities across campus and allow students to take a break from studying and decompress.


  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that help to relieve stress.

  • To give students and the community the tools to take charge and learn about stress.

  • To educate students about resources on campus for stress management.



This Terms Schedule

Stress Less canceled for Spring 2020 due to social distancing

#UO Stress Less week is made possible by their respective sponsor and coordinator. SMHA will make every effort to communicate changes, add on's and edits to the event.


However we encourage you to visit the respective events as soon as possible, remember it's always first come first serve. 

We look forward to helping you:



Show us how you reduce your stress:


we will retweet and showcase our  favorites!

Please be aware that some events are ONLY open to UO students and not their dependents, children,spouse

or community members.

#UOStressLess is brought to you BY: