We are UO S.M.H.A!

Student Mental Health Advocates at the University of Oregon is a group of peers dedicated to providing mental health resources to those in the school's community. We believe in our mission statement; we believe in our cause; and we believe in change!

This page is dedicated to all of our previous Executives, Chairs and Interns whom completed their entire service with UO SMHA. 

As Stigma fighters, some of us were here for our entire career at the UO and some of us were here for 1 term, regardless our leadership made UO SMHA what it is today!  

Spring 2013

Nicole Wong : President                          Marita Barger: VP

 Juan Rivera: Public Relations                Adam Elias: Out Reach

2013 to 2014

Juan Rivera President                                                            Adam Elias VP

Kimia Amirifar: Administrative Executive                        Ryan Slight: PR 

 Sara Van: Operations Chair                                                  Jack Apman: Social Media

Linda Torres: Treasurer                                                         Nicole Wong: Emeritus President


Jaden Bales: Intern                                                                 Olivia Granach: Intern              

2014 to 2015

Juan Rivera President                                                           Linda Torres VP

Jocelyn Stoneking: Administrative Executive                        Jack Apman PR 

 Sara Van: Operations Chair                                                  Ben Salomon: Social Media

Talyn Streight: Treasurer                                                         


Jaden Bales: Intern                                                                 Olivia Granach: Intern       

2015 to 2016

Talyn Streight President                                                                Linda Torres VP

NAME: Administrative Executive                        Ben Salomon PR 

 NAME: Operations Chair                                                  NAME: Social Media

NAME: Treasurer                                                         

2016 to 2017

2017 to 2018

2018 to 2019

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