What Our Student Led Initiative Was About


1. To convince and prove to the administration the need for providing essential phone numbers of campus resources to all students by having them printed on the back of ALL newly issued student ID cards, with no additional cost to students.


2. To promote the use of resources on campus and promote student safety on and off campus, as well as provide information on how to return a lost and found ID card.


3. To continue the University's mission of reducing the impact on our environment and using existing infrastructures to create the most positive impact on campus.


4) To have these numbers printed in posters and placed in all class rooms, conference rooms, meeting spaces and public areas where students congregate. These posters are to be placed next to or close by the maximum room capacity paper at the front of the class rooms. As well as permanently displayed in all of the UO residence halls and graduate and family housing.


                UO SMHA has been informed that effective WINTER 2017 ALL UO ID cards will be replaced with resource numbers in the back of the ID Cards! Congratulations advocates we did it! 


We can make change happen,

starting with our U.O. ID's!

Take the:

Help end sexual assault!


The White House is urging the nation to take ownership in ending sexual violence with the “It’s On Us” campaign. It’s on us to ask for consent, it’s on us to prevent, it’s on us to intervene, it’s on us to support survivors, it’s on us to create a culture of respect and stop sexual assault.





The Old ID Card:

Our New U of O ID:

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