Change for Mental Change

Alumni, support your Greek chapter!

On January 26, 2015, the Student Mental Health Advocates launched the first-annual Change for Mental Change philanthropy event with the University of Oregon Greek Life. Each fraternity and sorority were given a jar or a mug to decorate. Greek life was then challenged to raise as much change as possible. The winner with the most change will be the first fraternity/sorority to get their name engraved in the Change for Mental Change plaque. We are hoping to set the pace for the future of Change for Mental Change by raising $100 this year. All of the proceeds will go to NAMI On Campus to bring more mental health awareness and resources to the University of Oregon. This event ends on February 9th, 2015. The winner will be announced by the SMHA at their general weekly meeting at 6pm in HEDCO and will posted on all of the SMHA social media accounts, website and newsletter. Good luck to all the participants and make sure to support your favorite fraternity or sorority by helping them fill their jar on February 2nd in the EMU Amphitheather.

                - Good Luck!

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